Plate Tectonics

What To Do?

A. Copy and paste the questions below into a word processor.

B. The answers to the questions can be found by viewing the link.  Plate Tectonics or local file

Experimental variables

The independent variable is the variable you change. It is graphed on the X-axis and is usually evenly spaced.

Their dependent variable is the variable you measure. It is graphed on the Y-axis and is usually not evenly spaced.

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Why do stars twinkle?

If you've ever watched the stars at night they twinkle.

The famous nursey rhyme, "Twinkle, twinkle little star" is based upon  this very observation.

If however, you travel to the moon and observe the stars from there they would not twinkle.

Why do stars twinkle on Earth, but not on the moon? Any guesses?

Threatened Habitats

Threatened Habitat to choose from
The Evergadles - Florida Wertlands
The Kapuas River, Borneo
The Arctic
Madagascar Dry Deciduous Forest
Cape Florida Region, South Africa
Websites for Threatened Habitat Assignment
Our Amazing Planet

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